First–I love hardbacks without a dust jacket and this hardback has a beautiful hardcover with the design/book cover formed right on the hardback part of the novel. Next–I loved the length of this book. It’s 258 pages and includes a bonus story at the end that you’ll only get in the print edition. Finally, what a great tale! If you aren’t hooked by the first 7 pages of the Prologue, then I don’t know what in the world could ever hook you. Scared by haunted houses? How about strong demonic forces? This story has all that and more! It’s a quick rollercoaster read with ups and downs of fallible religious characters who try to do right despite expectations of others and perceptions of a community who fail to see who they are deep inside. Feeling brave? When the door opens, step across the threshold if you dare. The Moore House is waiting for you and it’s hungry—-