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On Editing

I've recently submitted two short stories and a poem to various publishers. Both short stories have seen a significant amount of editing in the past few days, and I've pulled a couple of all-nighters trying to get the words to... Continue Reading →

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Water-Closet Conversation

Where are the words I swore I had when you flushed the toilet and spun them all away?


I have had so many thoughts on my solo travel on the road up to NECON. I started from DC, and drove up through all of the millions of tolls (okay--there were maybe 5 that totaled $30 or so but... Continue Reading →

On Submission–

The bags under my eyes this morning were evidence of my submission goals these past couple of weeks. I sent a poem in for consideration, and am tweaking 3 short stories to submit next week (and the week after) to... Continue Reading →

On Being a Writer (as of today) . . .

19 May 2018 People think it's easy being a writer. Perhaps it is to a certain extent, and technology makes it easier all of the time. and along with programs like spellcheck in Word documents and Grammarly have... Continue Reading →

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