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On Editing

I've recently submitted two short stories and a poem to various publishers. Both short stories have seen a significant amount of editing in the past few days, and I've pulled a couple of all-nighters trying to get the words to... Continue Reading →

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Farewell to Porches But A Return is in Sight!

It was very hard to pack up this morning and leave my writing world but I left today feeling a sense of accomplishment and I made a promise to myself to return. Writer friends, I do encourage you to go... Continue Reading →

Writer Novel Retreat Day 4

Today was the FINAL full day of my Independent Writer Retreat. I am happy to report that I achieved 1 goal! (see pic below). I reached my 80,000 word finish line! My novel is so much further along than when... Continue Reading →

Writer Novel Retreat Day 3

Today, "3" is definitely a charm. I have not been sticking exactly to my planned schedule (I went to sleep at 02:00 AM last night/early morning). I stayed up late because this Retreat has been so successful for me that... Continue Reading →

Writer Novel Retreat Day 2

This is day two of my 4 full day independent writing retreat at The Porches: If you are looking for, can't find, and are wondering what happened to "Day 1" of my Writer Novel Retreat, I could be quippy... Continue Reading →

Writer Novel Retreat: Arrival Day

I am not a morning person, but got up at 0900, showered and then after a lovely cup of coffee from my dear husband, I got into the Subaru Forrester and headed to Scottsville for Retreat groceries. The Foodlion was... Continue Reading →

4 Day Novel Writer Retreat Plan

*Daily commitments: Internet access and phone message check no more than 1 hour each day.Yoga every day (intermittently)Fresh salad, vegetarian protein and vegan protein shake every day32 oz of water every dayGreen or Oolong tea to sip (while writing) with... Continue Reading →

The Word Plan

On Monday, I go on a private 4 day Writer Retreat. On this retreat, I will finish the novel that's taken me over a year to complete. Some of you know that a year ago I started one of the... Continue Reading →

The Moore House by Tony Tremblay makes you want MORE!

First--I love hardbacks without a dust jacket and this hardback has a beautiful hardcover with the design/book cover formed right on the hardback part of the novel. Next--I loved the length of this book. It's 258 pages and includes a... Continue Reading →

A Q Review of: “Conduits” by Jennifer Loring

Craft and Style Description: What do you get when you cross the stylistic prose of Shirley Jackson and Sylvia Plath, and then sprinkle it with chilling flavors from stories like of Sebastian Gutierrez's Gothika? Let me tell you. You get... Continue Reading →

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