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On Editing

I've recently submitted two short stories and a poem to various publishers. Both short stories have seen a significant amount of editing in the past few days, and I've pulled a couple of all-nighters trying to get the words to... Continue Reading →

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The Moore House by Tony Tremblay makes you want MORE!

First--I love hardbacks without a dust jacket and this hardback has a beautiful hardcover with the design/book cover formed right on the hardback part of the novel. Next--I loved the length of this book. It's 258 pages and includes a... Continue Reading →

A Q Review of: “Conduits” by Jennifer Loring

Craft and Style Description: What do you get when you cross the stylistic prose of Shirley Jackson and Sylvia Plath, and then sprinkle it with chilling flavors from stories like of Sebastian Gutierrez's Gothika? Let me tell you. You get... Continue Reading →


It burns. My skin is torn away—like strips of wallpaper steamed, peeled and tossed in the trash, leaving my flesh exposed—raw—compromised. I look up, and the only thing I can see while strapped to this chair is the bare bulb... Continue Reading →

Forever Young

Some children never grow up. I’ve known such a child since I was six. I saw her for the first time in my bedroom before sleep. “What’s your name?” I couldn’t help but envy her white dress. She motioned to... Continue Reading →

Water-Closet Conversation

Where are the words I swore I had when you flushed the toilet and spun them all away?


I have had so many thoughts on my solo travel on the road up to NECON. I started from DC, and drove up through all of the millions of tolls (okay--there were maybe 5 that totaled $30 or so but... Continue Reading →

On Submission–

The bags under my eyes this morning were evidence of my submission goals these past couple of weeks. I sent a poem in for consideration, and am tweaking 3 short stories to submit next week (and the week after) to... Continue Reading →

On Being a Writer (as of today) . . .

19 May 2018 People think it's easy being a writer. Perhaps it is to a certain extent, and technology makes it easier all of the time. and along with programs like spellcheck in Word documents and Grammarly have... Continue Reading →

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